My Gastric Sleeve Journey

My Gastric Sleeve Journey

Ma’am, Step Away From Those Chips and No One Gets Hurt!

on January 11, 2015

Sorry that I have been away for a couple of days. The last few days have been very hectic. Between work and chores and getting my cat and I ready for this surgery, I have been run off my feet! So, today entry may be a little long, but worth it! 🙂

So, as we all know, I am in the thick of prepping for surgery on the 13th   (only two more sleeps!). It appears however, that I may have over done it a little bit and followed the proposed diet too stringently.

Let me ‘splain. In the mornings, I have been making a huge smoothie that is chock full of protein powder, juice or milk, fruits, and spinach. Besides water or David’s Tea caffeine-free tea, that is all I will have all day. When I get home, I was eating 1 cup of soup. If it has lumps, I blended them out. I also had water. Before bed, I had a cup of David’s Tea (Mother’s Little Helper) and water with my pills.

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I was helping to de-Christmas my office area and holding my arms above my head was really hard. I couldn’t understand it. The next day, I had to make a run to the bank. It is downhill from my office and is usually a very easy, quick trip. Not this time. My thigh muscles hurt and I found it hard to catch my breath. It was hard and slow to walk back up that hill and to use stairs.  I was completed winded when I got on the elevator to go back to the office.

I decided to consult with a colleague. She is big into weight lifting and knows a great deal about nutrition. I asked her about she started and how she felt. It turns out that I was only taking in 600-800 calories a day and falling way short on my protein intake. I was really happy with the 13 pound weight loss in two weeks, but it had left my body unable to repair itself. We quickly surmised that I was not getting enough protein and enzymes needed to rebuild muscle. She was full of tricks to move the needle on that. One great piece of advice was to add egg whites to smoothies.  Just ¼ of a cup has 7 grams of protein in it (I used NaturalEgg Simply Egg Whites). As well, she recommended tuna and salmon. I cannot have them solid yet, but I can add them to soup and blend them in. (I use Clover Leaf Pink Salmon, 106g. A whole tin has 23 grams of protein). These were great tips to up my levels and should help before and after the surgery.

And they worked! I roamed around Wal-Mart Saturday and the general shopping area for quite some time. I came home and cleaned and did not feel tired, nor did my muscles hurt. The weight loss has slowed, but I think that is for the best.

On Friday, I went out with my old work manager and she took me to Darrell’s. If you live in Halifax and are hankering for a treat day – go! They make the best milkshakes in the city!! I had Chai and Tamara had Vanilla- Peanut Butter. I know right? Their milkshakes are bringing ALL the boys to the yard! They are located down by Sobeys in behind Fenwick St. I am sure it was a bit fattening and I could not finish it, but it was so nice to spend time with my friend, that it more than worth it. 🙂

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Speaking of Friday, I went grocery shopping, to make sure that I had everything at home and be ready for after the surgery. It was the first time I had gone grocery shopping since I started back on my liquid diet – and IT WAS HARD!! I had to avoid aisles and shop for things I had not really shopped for before.  For instance, a chewable multi-vitamin was never a concern before. Things I normally get I could not this time. No bacon or eggs or sold meat was allowed in my cart. No raw veggies either.

The chip aisle was the biggest challenge for me. Chips are my kryptonite. LOVE chips. And if you add chip dip? Well, I am in heaven. I remember the first forum we went to. Dr. Ellesmere was talking about potato chips and how they act as liquid in the stomach. Well, if I am on a liquid diet and they act as liquid, then I should get some, right?  WRONG!!! I literally ran through the aisle and got out of there fast. Like a-killer-was-after-me-and-my-butt-was-on-fire fast!

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It seems a little ridiculous now, but I recognize that these challenges will always exist. Each time you find it within yourself to avoid or confront that which has been holding you back, the next time will be a little easier. At least, that is the plan!

I have learned things from this week:

  • Always log your food in your journal. Whether you are hand-writing it or using MyFitnessPal, making sure you are eating enough nutrient dense foods is CRUCIAL.
  • Do not rush weight loss. I know its cliché, but it did not add up in a month. Neither will it come off in a short timeframe. It will be work and I am WORTH IT.
  • DON’T be afraid to ask for help. Not only did my friend Kate help with the protein enigma, but my friend Nikki, who had the surgery two years ago explained a lot to me. It really helped give me perspective on this type of experience. She also offered to go with me to the hospital on surgery day. I thought I would be fine, but the minute she offered, I felt a tremendous weight come off my shoulders. I did not realize I was so worried. If I had just asked, I am sure I could have a whole room full of people with me. My support system is amazing and my cup truly runneth over.

Thanks for hanging out and taking the time to read my words.  I know I made quite a few references to products and places; I have included links below, in case anyone wanted to research those items. I will post one more time before my surgery. I may be a bit before I am back after that, but I will post as soon as I can.

Thanks again! Enjoy!

PS: Speaking of butts on fire, here is a 30 day exercise routine I plan on commanding when I heal up. If anyone wants a head start, let me know how it works out for you! Go get those gutes & abs!!!

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